Within Boğaziçi University, student life is rich and varied with activities to cater to almost all talents and interests. The University has a tradition of encouraging extra-curricular activities and it makes this through a variety of Student Clubs. Today there are 31 active student clubs in the University and we listed all the names and gave a little more information about the ones we thought you  Erasmus and Exchange students might be interested in.

  • Ballroom Dancing Society (BUDANS): BUDans is the dance club of Boğaziçi University
       that provides different dance courses for different levels. If you are new to
       dancing, you can be a beginner student and learn how to do salsa, bachata
       or whatever you are interested in. If you already have an experience on dance,
       you can go to auditions and have a chance to be a part of that dance group.
       Applications start at the beginning of each term. You can get further information
       from their page: budans.boun.edu.tr
  • Gastronomy & Degustation Club (BUGUSTO) is the student for food lovers. If
       you love tasting food, making dishes and trying new cuisines while meeting new
       people BUGusto is the right place for you. They organize many tasting events and
       culinary workshops every semester. For detailed information, please visit their 
       page: facebook.com/BuGusto
  • Mountaineering Club (BUDAK) is student club for the students who are
       interested in rock climbing, trekking and hiking. They organize hiking trips to
       different parts of Turkey and also have training progmmes on emergency, rock
       climbing and so on. For further information please check the BUDAK page: 
  • Music Club (BUMK) is the student club for the students who are interested in
       music. If you think you are talented and want to make music professionally, you
       can join BÜMK and its chorus. The club also offers a membership card called
       BümkCard which let you have discounts at some restaurants and music places.
       To get more information, please check BÜMK page: facebook.com/bumk1974/
  • Radio Club - Radyo Bogazici is the student club that organizes concerts,
       concept parties and music awards each year. They have certain training
       programmes such as non-stop101 in which you can learn how to broadcast.
       After completing the training program, you can actually have your own radio
       show at their radio station. For further information: radyo.boun.edu.tr
  • Scuba Diving Club (BUSAS) is a student club for students who are interested in the undersea life and want to get training on diving. After trainings in Istanbul, they also organise diving trips to different destinations in Turkey for real diving experiences. Unfortunately, students can only register at the beginning of fall term but if you already have a certificate on diving, you can contact them and become a part of the club. For further information please check their page: busas.boun.edu.tr
       Boğaziçi University. If you are interested in sports; after choosing your field, you can find the representative of that sport in Sports Committee’s
       room and be a member of the team. sportscommittee.com/home
  • Sailing Team: Boğaziçi University Sailing Team is the first group of people who came together for sailing as university students. They also organize trips to certain destinations and give sailing trainings. If you want to be a part of their team and join the trips, you should complete the training that helps you to learn how to sail. For more information: sailing.boun.edu.tr
  • Literature Club (BUED) bued.boun.edu.tr
  • Political Sciences and International Relations Club (BUSUIK) facebook.com/busiyasetveuluslararasiliskiler
  • Historical Studies Club (BUED) facebook.com/butikboun
  • Village and Cooperatives Club (KOY-KOOP) koykoop.boun.edu.tr
  • Network of International Students (BUNIS) bogazici.esnturkey.org