What to do when you lose your student card:

  1. ​ You need to get published on a newspaper that you've lost your card first. 'BUCard'ımı kartımı kaybettim. Name/Surname' will be sufficient. You can do this online easily, but most probably you will need the help of a Turkish speaking friend as most websites will be in Turkish.
  2.  Then you have to go to the Garanti Bank in South Campus to pay 10 ₺ for the new card. 
  3.  With the newspaper and the invoice of the 10 ₺ you paid, you need to go to the Student Affairs to request a new card.


In case of emergency in a public place:

  • Medical Emergency / Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 155
  • Fire: 110


In case of emergency at Boğaziçi University:

  • 1100 (from any internal phone, at all hours), +90 212 359 1100


      Tel: +90 212 359 74 21

      Email: intloff@boun.edu.tr

Bogaziçi University, Office of International Relations, South Campus. OFB Building

Bebek, Istanbul, 34342, Turkey

(Working Hours: 9 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM)


      Tel: +90 212 359 7142, +90 212 359 6710

      Email: summer@boun.edu.tr


In case of emergency, do not hesitate to contact with us or with your buddy.