We are starting our out-of-Istanbul trips with the homeland of delicious Iskender Kebab, candied chestnuts, and silk: Bursa!

This great city is quite rich in historical buildings from the Ottoman period, and is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is also cited as "Green Bursa" in a reference to the beautiful gardens and parks located across its urban tissue, as well as the vast forests in rich variety that extend in its surrounding region.

Uludağ, which means 'Grand Mountain', is one of the largest and most popular centres for winter sports in Turkey. With its 2543 m. height, Uludağ is the highest mountain of Marmara Region. Being covered in snow for a long winter period and its unique view attract lots of people during the winter season. At the peak of the mountain in clear weather, you can see Istanbul and the Marmara Sea.

03/02/2020 to 04/02/2020