Boğaziçi University is a major research university located on the European side of the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, Turkey. Although officially established as a public university in 1971, Boğaziçi University originated as the Robert College, founded in 1863 - the first American college established outside the US.

It has four faculties (The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, The Faculty of Education, The Faculty of Engineering)  and two schools (The School of Applied Disciplines, The School of Foreign Languages), and six institutes (The Atatürk Institute For Modern Turkish History, The Institute of Biomedical Engineering, The Institute of Environmental Sciences, The Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering, The Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences) covering 29 undergraduate, 65 graduate and 33 PhD programs. The language of instruction is English.

Our university has more than 15000 students and six campuses. Four of these campuses (South Campus, North Campus, Hisar Campus, and Uçaksavar Campus) are close to each other and located on a hill in the affluent district of Bebek on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus. Kandilli Campus is right across from the shore, located on the Asian side of Istanbul and hosts the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute. The sixth campus is in Kilyos on the Black Sea coast and hosts a private beach.

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